• 2/12/03
    A demo version of the Charting module is included.  
    Added an expanded Patient List Window on the Main Window.
    Added Nickname and Work Phone on ApptBk. 
    Made the Aged Receivable report resizable.
    Fixed the margins on labels to allow long city names.
    Added additional options to Payment Types. 
    Added ability to turn Finance Charge on for all Accounts when Finance Charge is selected on Statement Setup.
    Fixed Remaining Insurance and Deductible Reset.
    Added the ability to create Call Reports with a Date Range.
    Added the ability to edit records when using the ReportWriter.
    Added ShortCuts to the Remarks section for Claims creation. 
    Fixed Routing Slip 30,60 90 for slips with Treatment Plans.
    Added the ability to edit the additional fees on the Procedure Detail window.
    Added a request to age accounts before running the Aged Receivables report.
    Fixed aging for accounts with debit adjustments.
    Fixed printing of blank claims.
    Widen columns for recall report dates.