• 10/17/07
    Added preblocking indicators to Week-At-A-Glance appointment book.
    Added ability to place ages on Appointment Book. Pull down the ApptBook menu and select Show Age on Appt. Bk. Then enter the maximum age to show. Enter 0 to show no ages.
    Fixed production calculation on Appt. Bk.
    Added Remaining Benefits Report (under Report Menu). This report will search for all patients with proposed treatment and remaining insurance benefits. The output can be sent to the LetterWriter to merge into a letter to each patient found.
    Added a warning when making changes on the Insurance Detail window when more than one patient may be effected.
    Modified Appt. Bk. To prevent problems when editing existing appointments.
    Added age to title bar for CheckOut window and age for children on Appt. Book.
    Added percentage calculation to “Add Additional Fees”. 
    Modified Find Patient Window to handle more than 32,000 patients.
    Fixed duplicating Rx on ledger.
    Added Family Lables from ReportWriter report. Hold down the ‘Alt’ key when pressing the Labels button. Reports can be generated by Patients (one label per address) or Account.
    Added more color selections for appointments.
    Added NPI information on DentiCal forms.
    Replaced ApptBk Calendar. Some computers did not have the proper font installed.
    Fixed printing problem on color Perio Chart.
    Added 2006 Claim Form with NPI fields.
    Used a larger font on the ApptBk Calendar. Some computers did not have the smaller font installed.