• 8/8/02
    Added totals and accounts receivable changes on the day sheet.
    Enhanced new patient report to include modified patients for the purpose of printing chart labels.
    Enhanced accounts receivable report print out.
    Eliminated duplicate labels when printing insurance claims.
    Added subtotals for payment plans by provider with current due.
    Added new adjustment category to allow for credit adjustments as well as debit adjustments.
    Added the bridge for the Gendex digital x-ray system.
    Modified find patient window to accurately show the patient count for all or only active patients.
    Added pre-treatment claims to the unpaid claims list.  This allows for better tracking in response to pre-treatment estimates.
    Added subtotals by phases on treatment plans.
    Added treatment plans to routing slips.
    Added LiveUpdate to distribute new versions of the program directly over the Internet.
    Added CopyApp to allow workstations to automatically update new versions of the ACE program from the server.
    Added the ability to print labels to the insurance companies from the insurance queue.
    Added the number of unpaid claims and the last statement print date on the accounts receivables report.
    Added the Hold check mark for recall postcards.
    Added the X's for missing teeth on the printed insurance claim form.
    Added the error reporting system that allows users to fax error reports.
    Added code search on procedure list window.
    Added  search field on Payer ID list.
    Added  review for all pay plans as well as overdue pay plans.
    Added preference to remove shading on statements.
    Added ability to remove colors on appointment printout.