• 9/18/09 V.10
    Added 3D tooth charting with ability to show tooth movements.
    Expanded Images window to handle unlimited images.
    Added a check for adequate memory in each computer. The .NET Framework works best with a minimum of 1 GB or RAM and 2 GB is recommended.
    Added a Billing Address for paper claims. This is in the Practice Info window under the Reports menu.
    Modified the Fee Change button on the Proc tab to allow for fee changes for any selected fee 1 through 28.
    Added a Patient Alert window to appear when the patient is selected on the Find Window. (Under Windows/Patient Alert…)
    Moved Insurance Company address to the right on claims to fit windowed envelopes.
    Added option to charge interest after 90 days. (Under Reports/Statement Setup)
    Added tooth number column to Day Sheet report.
    Added check number column to Pay Plan Statement.
    Added Single Patient statement. Under Report/Single Statement, check “Current Patient Only”.
    Added ability to print mailing labels for all active patients or accounts. (Under Report Menu)
    Added envelope printing to Account Window.