• 10/23/08
    Added middle initial to Rx Writer.
    Fixed Deposit Slip to show checks from Payment Plans.
    Added Signature Pad facility for X-Charge credit card charges. After printing WalkOut Statement, the statement will appear in the Signature Documents window for signature.
    Added HCFA 1500 Medical Claim Form. On Insurance Submittal Window, click “Print HCFA” button.
    Fixed Restorative Chart to show most recent graphics on top of older graphics.
    Added subtotals by Insurance Company on Unpaid Claims report. (See InsQ tab.)
    Allowed Date Sent to be editable on Unpaid Claims report.
    Fixed LetterWriter to work from ReportWriter results.
    Added Express Bill Statements  Save time and money through Express Bill!  Emdeon will print, fold, stuff, stamp and mail your statements with one mouse click for less than what you are now paying for postage, paper, and envelopes.  Click the StmtQ tab, then click Send Express Bills button to see samples, cost comparison, and enrollment details.
    Added new Rx for Texas to include DPS number.
    Fixed new patient name entry to show correct name on Rx. 
    Added “Today Only” button to Birthday Report for practices that want to call their patients to wish Happy Birthday. Select the current month when running the report.
    Added “This Year” button to the Treatment Plan Report to get the most recent treatment items.
    Added credit card integration through X-Charge. Get credit card approvals in four seconds with guaranteed lower rates than you are paying now. On the CheckOut Window, enter a patient payment code and amount and then click the “Run Credit Card Charge” button. Or, click on the
    Added Email capability for Appointment Reminders and other uses. This will be phased in to a small initial group of practices. To activate this, please have the doctor send an email request to john@ace-dental.com.
    Added new “Broken Appointments Report” under Appt. Book menu.
    Added new permission to disallow providers to see others production and collection. (In Administrator Logon, Staff Details)
    Added ability to exclude “In Collection” accounts in Aged Receivables Report.
    Removed the word “Estimated” from “Estimated Patient Portion Due” on statements when there are no unpaid claims.