• 9/9/02
    Added under Edit/Preferences the ability to turn on or off Auto Refresh. For smaller patient databases (less than 2000 patients) this should normally be turned on. For very large databases, the Auto Refresh may cause the Find Window to load too slowly. Therefore, it can be turned off.
    Added the ability to print a blank insurance form with or without patient information. This is under the menu Reports/Create Claim.
    Changed the NextDay and PreviousDay buttons on the Appt. Book to skip days when the practice is closed.
    Fixed Edit Transaction on Patient and Account History window.
    Added option to print AR report as expanded or older version.
    Fixed Missing Appointments report on Day Sheet.
    Changed Last Paid Date on Accounts from Transaction Date to Procedure Date.
    Added this Recent Additions and Modifications report.
    Added a Save File button to the accounts receivable report.  This allows the user to save the information on the screen to a file for use in other programs like a spreadsheet.
    Added account information on the treatment plan routing slip.
    Added Auto Refresh to the Find Patient Window. This virtually eliminates the need to click the Refresh button to update the list of patients.
    Corrected off-center printing for patient chart labels. This caused a blank sheet to go through the printer.
    Fixed the recalculations of the insurance portion when the patient portion is manually changed on the Checkout screen.
    Prevented the secondary insurance patient number from replacing the primary insurance patient number on the patient information screen
    Added multiple codes to the treatment plan search window.
    Added patient address to chart labels.
    Extended the path linked for accessing images.  This allows the photo images to be nested deeper inside additional folders.