• 5/29/10 V.10
    Added Medicare fields for Washington state claims.
    5/9/10 V.10
    Added ability to calculate patient portion with secondary insurance. The preference must be set under Edit/Preferences.
    4/29/10 V.10
    We have made a major improvement in the speed and performance of ACE V.10.
    11/10/09 V.10
    Added Lab Case Tracking. (Set up labs under Windows menu. Add lab case to pretreatment item on the Chart window. Lab indicator will appear on appointment.)
    10/26/09 V.10
    Added ability to drag appointments to lengthen or shorten. (Drag last increment)
    Added ability to set default appointment times, colors and descriptions for each procedure. (See Procedure Detail window.)
    Added ability to create appointments from Procedure List. (Set defaults above.)
    Added ability to create appointments from Treatment Plan created in Chart. (Set defaults above.)
    Added ability to right click appointments to confirm, delete, place on hold, or send to CheckOut.
    10/20/09 V.10
    Added ability to double click on Statement Queue to enter Statement Notes for individual accounts.
    Added yellow and red confirmation indicators for “left message” or “no answer” calls, respectively.
    10/10/09 V.10
    Added Font Size change on Find window.
    Added Quarterly Payments to Payment Plans
    Added Practice Billing Address (Under Practice Info).
    Made Clinical Notes accessible from the menu bar.
    9/25/09 V.10
    Added Chat to individual computers. (See Chat menu/Office)

    Added Call Lights to bottom Status Bar. (Click ? button on Status Bar for instructions.)