• 6/24/06
    Added ability to prevent staff from editing Preferences. (Under Administrator from Logon window.)
    Changed Rx template list to sort by Drug name.
    Added ability to transmit Insurance Claims via the Internet. (You must contact ACE to complete an enrollment form for this program.)
    Added Cell Phone to Find Window.
    Added Expand button on Signature Documents window to open list of documents.
    Added Insert Fields to Sig Docs to simplify creation of templates.
    Added SSN, Insurance ID and phones to Insert Fields on Sig Docs and LetterWriter.
    Fixed column sort on Sig Docs to sort documents by name or date.
    Added ability to print a single chart label using a Dymo Label printer. (From PtInfo window, click Print Env/Lbl button. When asked if you want to print an envelope, click No to print a chart label.)
    Added ability to delete a single pre-block item on Default or Specific Pre-blocking. (Simply highlight the unwanted pre-block and click the Clear button.)
    Added selected rows to print on Exam Notes. (All records will print unless some rows are selected. Then, only the selected rows will print.)
    Added Family Labels under the Account ReportWriter. (Hold the Alt key when pressing the Labels button after running a report for Accounts in ReportWriter.)
    Added reminder on CheckOut if attempting to check out an inactive patient.
    Added ability to eliminate certain procedures from appearing on claim forms. (See checkmark on the top of the Procedure Detail Window.)
    Added ACE Signature Documents (Windows Menu) (This will allow a practice to saved signed documents in the database)
    Fixed the “Pt. To New Acct.” button on PtInfo Window