• 3/31/05
    Added Birthday Report (under Reports Menu)
    Fixed ApptBk so appointments cannot be dropped on Dr. column.
    Added a chime to the Chat feature. 
    Added Treatment Plan button and Medical Alert info to the Appointment entry window.
    Added Medical Alert info in Tool Tips on Appointment Book window.
    A version of the handheld ACE program for the PocketPC is now available. 
    A new version of the ACE Palm software is available for Palm OS 5. If you need thisversion, call our office to receive this update on a disk.
    Added option to add CDT-2005 codes. (Button at bottom of Proc Window)
    Added Procedure Code report by provider. (Under Reports menu)
    Fixed Chat feature for those with data on a D: partition.
    Release of Version 8.0
    Added Restorative Charting option. (If you have not purchased this, a demo is in the program.)
    Added Trojan Import button on Ins1 Window.  (This will import data from a Trojan database.)
    Added View Statement on PayPlan Window.  
    Made PayPlan Creation window editable to allow customization of plans.
    Fixed printing of blank page with each PayPlan Statement..