• 8/29/05
    Made AutoCap option work with both PtInfo and AcctInfo Windows

    Added Claim Notes button (Claims and InsQ Windows)
    Added “Family” labels for Acct. Reports
    Added Pt. DOB on Chart Window
    Added “Move Pt. To New Acct.” for grown children (PtInfo Window)
    Resized columns to show fees on patient ledger (Main Window)
    Added Units and Delete button on Additional Appts. Window (PtAppt Window)
    Added Select Dr. when opening Chart 
    Added Statement and Rx entries into ledger after printing (Main Window)
    Added Referring Dr info to LetterWriter
    Moved Tooth and Surface columns on patient ledger (Main Window)
    Eliminated Inactives from Treatment Plan report.
    Co-ordinated deletes on Main Window to reflect on Chart.
    Added Primary Teeth (Mixed Dentition) on Restorative Charting
    Fixed extra page print from ApptBk routing slips.
    Fixed color change on editing Exam Notes.
    Fixed incisal vs. occlusal on Chart.
    Added ability to update Appt. Notes from Appt. Book to PtAppt and vice versa.
    Fixed adjustment error on printed Treatment Plans.
    Fixed sub-totals on printing pretreatment plans.