• 8/4/03
    Added the Prescription Writer. (Under Windows Menu)
    Added the ability to do bulk address updates for a single insurance company. (On Insurance Detail screen)
    Added button to recalculate deductibles and remaining insurance. (On Patient Info screen)
    Added preference for adding the word “Estimated” on statements.
    Added preference to adjust account address on statement.
    Added preference to adjust the number of days until insurance portion is allocated to patient.
    Added bridge for Trophy X-ray software.  (Under Windows Menu)
    Added bridge for DentalEye3 Imaging software.  (Under Windows Menu)
    Added second line for practice name on statements.
    Added Plan Collection button on Main window.
    Made Inactive Payment Plans reviewable. (Click on Create/Edit Plan on PtInfo screen)
    Added printing for multiple Electronic Claims Reports. (If more than one day’s reports are requested.)
    Added Eva/ProImage digital x-ray bridge. (Under Windows Menu)
    Added Print Button to ToDo List Window.
    Added Print Button to Additional Fee Schedule.
    Added Print List to Referring Doctor List.
    Fixed Clinical Notes window to be scrollable.
    Made Deposit Slips total by check number.
    Added separate accounting for insurance on Pay Plans.
    Added new sort and selections on the Claims screen.