• 4/9/07
    Modified ACE to behave properly with Windows Vista security.
    Added NPI fields for the practice and individual providers. (In Provider Setup under Windows menu.)
    Added graphics on Restorative Chart for Cast Post and Buildup.
    Fixed mesial and distal pointing error on Chart.
    Fixed Show button on Chart for Conditions.
    Added secondary insurance ID (see Patient Info window). 
    Added ability to view WalkOut Statement before printing (type ? in WalkOut Notes message box).
    Added recalculation of deductibles and maximums when treatment plan items are transferred from Chart to CheckOut.
    Added ability to recalculate deductibles and maximums when treatment plans are printed.
    Added Collection Summary Report (see Reports Menu).
    Added Cell Phone number to Recall Report.
    Fixed duplicating entries when Treatment Plan items were transferred to CheckOut.
    Added Patient Notes window after appointment deletion.
    Added Medical Alert option under Windows Menu.
    Added improved remote control support. (See Online Help under Help Menu Item).
    Created archive of edited Clinical Notes. (Look on Server drive for ACENotes folder).
    Fixed Perio Chart Comparison to show most recently saved perio chart..
    Added ability to reverse Perio Chart input when charting pocket depths from left to right.
    Fixed Restorative Chart to reflect striped graphics for procedures 2391 through 2394.