• 4/22/03
    Made columns for Unpaid Claims on InsQ sortable.
    Added message to print statement after entering insurance payments.
    Fixed calculation of age on Patient Detail screen.
    Added CDT4 codes to Procedure database. (Click “Add CDT4” button at the bottom of the  Procedure List screen.)
    Added Production, Collection, and Day Sheet buttons to the daily reports.
    Fixed Treatment Date and Time on Appointment Post Cards.
    Fixed Patient SSN on paper claim form.
    LetterWriter can now read and save Microsoft Word documents.
    Added an internal zip function for compressing backup files.
    Added Year-To-Date option on Monthly Report.
    Added Age on the Patient Info screen.
    Added Adjustments to Treatment Plan printout.
    Added ability to put notes on the WalkOut Statement.
    Added next appointment date to WalkOut Statement.
    Added ability to AutoDial on PtAppt screen.
    Added an appointment log, aceappt.txt. This is a text list of every appointment made, changed or deleted. 
    Added a preference for full editing on the Transaction Edit Window. We DO NOT recommend that you use this. If the user is not careful, this can cause math errors on the Account balance and aging. It is preferable to delete the transaction and re-enter it on the CheckOut window. 
    Fixed the margins on postcards to enable them to work with more printers.
    Added subtitles on the Main Window. 
    Fixed the collection total on Monthly Reports.
    Fixed Birth Month on ReportWriter.