• 7/31/08
    Added ability to change font size on Appt Book.
    Expanded Statement Message note for longer notes.
    Added new housekeeping function to improve speed and reliability.
    Added the new DentiCal form (DC 217) for California Medicaid.
    Improved Online Help (Remote Support) for Windows Vista.
    Added voice input capability for Perio Chart. No longer requires third party software like Dragon.
    Added Print List button for Short-Cut list for Clinical Notes.
    Added Medical Alert indicator on Chart window. Clicking it opens Medical Alert details.
    Fixed DentiCal patient ID number on DentiCal forms.
    Added bridge for Florida Probe.
    Added bridges for XDR and Patient Gallery imaging software
    Added Print button on “Sooner if Possible” list.
    Added ability to print only selected rows on ToDo list.
    Fixed “Oldest Item Due”. Statements will now print details since last zero balance.
    Added Patient Recall Cycle number on Appt. Detail window.
    Fixed secondary ID on claims. Secondary policyholders ID must be put in insured’s secondary ID field.