• 11/17/03
    Added “Report Only” option for Electronic Claims Submission to receive a report when no claims need to be sent.
    Added ADA 2002 Insurance form. (Under Edit/Preferences)
    Added report to check PayerID for all paper claims. (Under Report Menu)
    Fixed insurance portion calculation for additional fee schedules.
    Fixed Postcard customization feature. (Under Windows Menu)
    Added bridge for TigerView X-ray software.  (Under Windows Menu)
    Fixed inaccurate error after submitting electronic claims.
    Added button to hide or show phone numbers on Appointment Book.
    Fixed a Tooth Series problem with the Perio Charting.
    Added numerous new fields to the Form ReportWriter for Account and Patient reports. (Under Reports Menu.)
    Added the ability to create a procedure for tax percentage.
    Added Remaining Insurance and Remaining Total to Payment Plan Statement.
    Added Unpaid Insurance Claims to statements.
    Added city to chart labels.
    Fixed coupon booklet to print in payment order.
    Fixed Payment Plan Statement errors when Insurance Payments are included.
    Added Coupon Booklet for Pay Plans. (See Pay Plan Review report.)
    Added Windows OS version on title bar.
    Fixed images on ApptBk when the path was extremely long.