• Recent Additions and Modifications to the ACE Dental Software Program

    (Additions and modifications)

    10/26/15 V.12

    Added eBackup. This service will do encrypted backups, online backups and the backups are monitored and verified by ACE. We fell this is needed for a practice to be fully HIPAA compliant. Please contact ACE to subscribe to this service.

    10/20/15 V.12

    Added disclaimer for sending emails with confidential information.

    7/18/15 V.12

    Added eSurveys to eReminders. This allows patients to enter excellent practice reviews in Google reviews and Yelp reviews.

    5/12/15 V.12

    Added bridge for Camsight (Denttio) imaging software.

    3/18/15 V.12

    Added ePrescribing. This is handled through DoseSpot and SureScripts. It can transmit all prescriptions, including controlled substances, electronically to most pharmacies.

    2/18/15 V.12

    Added ability to send eReminders to new patients to arrive early (i.e. 15 min. or 30 min.) to have time to fill paper work.

    1/18/15 V.12

    Modified Appointment detail window to allow updates to Medical Alerts when making appointments.

    12/18/14 V.12

    Added button to insert the 26 new 2015 CDT codes into all fee schedules. (See at the bottom of Proc Tab.)

     11/11/14 V.12

    Added option to print appointments with first name only for privacy purposes.

    10/1/14 V.12

    Modified Time Clock so only user can clock in or out for themselves and not others.

    9/21/14 V.12

    Added search for missing patients on Clinical Notes Summary.

    8/29/14 V.12

    Added Tutorial video for Perio Charting. See How Do I/Tutorials/Perio Charting menu.

    7/21/14 V.12

    Added expanded list of Payer ID's on Insurance Detail window.

    6/11/14 V.12

    Added ability to create Treatment Plan notes and save for individual patients.

    Added ability to delete duplicate Insurance Plans. See Insurance Detail window.

    Added ability to delete Insurance Plans not connected to any patient. See Insurance List window.

    Added ability to create explosion buttons on the Chart window.

    5/9/14 V.12

    Added option to select statements based on patient portion or account balance. (See Reports/Statement Setup)

    4/30/14 V.12

    Added ability to update fees in the Treatment Plan if the patient changes insurance. Go to Main Window, click Treatment Plan button. Click the View button to update.

    4/21/14 V.12

    Added Visits button on Main Window. Report shows totals for each office visit.

    2/21/14 V.12

    Added ability to email a pdf attachment of patient statement. (See Reports/Single Statement)

    Added ability to drag and drop one or multiple jpeg images from Windows Explorer to the Images Window to attach them to the patient record.

    1/30/14 V.12

    Added ability to show account balance on appointment after the name.
    (This can be turn on in the Appointment Detail window under the patient's name.)

    12/27/13 V.12

    Added button to insert the 29 new 2014 CDT codes into all fee schedules. (See at the bottom of Proc Tab.)

    11/11/13 V.12

    Added a UCR column to Treatment Plan print out to show when patients are getting reduced fees. (This can be turn off under Edit/Preferences.)

    10/10/13 V.12

    Added a Tooth number field for the Intraoral Camera window.


    9/2/13 V.12

    Added a map link with practice address to all eReminder emails and text messages sent for appointment reminders and recall.

    Added ability to save custom colors on Color Dialog windows.

    8/21/13 V.12

    Added ShortCut button on Insurance Detail notes field. This allows you to store often repeated sentences and paragraphs to a short sequence of keystrokes to avoid repetitious typing.

    8/19/13 V.12

    Added ability to take and automatically save patient photo directly from a webcam or most USB cameras. Click on "Use Camera" check under Patient Photo box on the PtInfo window.

    Added an option to purchase an Intraoral Camera and software from ACE that will save photos to the Image window.

    8/17/13 V.12

    Added ability to assign a default Chart Note Color per user. See Staff Detail setup window.

    8/16/13 V.12

    Added bridge for Apixia Imaging software.

    8/5/13 V.12

    Added date of each image under Images Tab.

    Added ability to change AutoSave folder for Scanner/Camera bridge.

    Added option to show Reminder window when ACE is launched.

    7/5/13 V.12

    Added list of Pt referred out. (Reports/Referred Out List)

    Added Date Range to Pt By Ins Co report to show patients seen between two date for a given insurance company.

    6/20/13 V.12

    Added Clinical Notes Summary to see all notes for a given day or date range. (Under Notes menu)

    Added option (Edit/Preferences) for DOB on the Find Window.

    Fixed Claims Window to always save changes on exit.

    6/6/13 V.12

    Added ability to send emails without sending duplicates to families with duplicated email addresses.

    6/1/13 V.12

    Added option (Edit/Preferences) to turn off Chat.

    5/27/13 V.12

    Added automatic Save feature for Scanner/Camera bridge. This allows for very quick scans and camera captures.

    4/4/13 V.12

    Added automatic Pre-Med notes to Emails and Text Message eReminders for patients indicted for pre-medication.

    Added ShortCuts to Chart Notes under Chart Tab for Restorative Notes.

    3/29/13 V.12

    Added bridge for Tekscan.

    2/28/13 V.12

    Added new Chart Notes to Chart Tab for seperate Restorative, Perio and Patient Notes.

    Added Class V fillings to Charting.

    1/27/13 V.12

    Added permission to Staff Detail to control deleting prescriptions (and audit trail of prescriptions written, edited or deleted) and permission to changes procedures and fees.

    12/27/12 V.12

    Upgrade to Version 12. V.12 is required for any users using Windows 8.

    12/27/12 V.11

    Added button to insert the 35 new 2013 CDT codes into all fee schedules. (See at the bottom of Proc Tab.)

    11/15/12 V.11

    Update Appt Book phone numbers when patient info phone is changed.

    10/8/12 V.11

    Added "eReminder" menu on menu bar with ability to search the eReminders sent for a specified date range or patient name.

    10/4/12 V.11

    Added explosion code capability to Restorative Chart buttons to enter more than one code with a single click.

    9/9/12 V.11

    Added "Referred To" button on PtInfo window to track when a patient is referred out to another doctor.

    8/9/12 V.11

    Added "Force Users Off ACE" button on File/Backup to allow backups.

    8/8/12 V.11

    Added Coverage Books. (See Ins1 tab). This will allow calculation of insurance portion to exactly agree with actual past payments. When a claim is returned or when you receive an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from the insurance company, you can record these exceptions in the Coverage Book. The Coverage Book information will override any insurance estimation that has been set up in plan benefits.

    8/6/12 V.11

    Added Automatic Document Feeder and Duplex to Scanner bridge to allow scanning multiple pages with one pass.

    8/2/12 V.11

    Added Instant PreBlocking on ApptBk. 
    Drag with mouse down on any open space to preblock. Right click on preblock to delete.

    7/17/12 V.11

    Added Medical Alert Popup when making appointments (can be disabled under Edit/Preferences) and when creating prescriptions.

    Added popup to create Rx when creating an appointment if "Premed" is in Medical Alert.

    7/12/12 V.11

    Added Check Family Appointments button on PtAppt tab.

    7/9/12 V.11

    Added ability to add and delete items in Medical Alerts pick list. (Under Windows menu.)

    6/29/12 V.11

    Added tracking dates for last bitewings and pano dates. (See PtInfo tab.)

    4/23/12 V.11

    Added eASAP. This is a service that will allow a practice to quickly fill a cancellation by sending text messages and emails to selected list of patients who want to be notified. Click here for more information.

    3/23/12 V.11

    Added optional Scanner Bridge to scan images and PDF's directly into the ACE program.

    2/23/12 V.11

    Added ability to limit which users can make adjustments to the Time Clock.

    1/23/12 V.11

    Added graphics for veneers on Restorative Chart.

    12/15/11 V.11

    Added eRecall. This is a service that will automatically send emails, SMS Text messages to cell phones each week to patients who are due in four weeks, overdue by three weeks, six weeks, six months and a "We miss you" when they have not been in for at least one year. Click here for more information.

    For pricing, call ACE at (888) 667-4272.

    10/17/11 V.11

    Improved the Remaining Benefits report (under the Reports Menu). It now displays the treatment plan for patients with remaining insurance benefits.

    Added autocoding for endo treatment on Charting to adjust code for molar, bicuspid or anterior.

    10/10/11 V.11

    Added Patient Inactivate (under File Menu). This allows inactivating all patients that have not been in the practice prior to any chosen date (defaults to 3 years ago).

    9/29/11 V.11

    Added Spanish email and text messages for eReminders.

    9/1/11 V.10

    Added email and text messages for 4 week recall notices to unappointed patients, one year "we miss you" notices to all patients who have not had an appointment for the last year, and Happy Birthday messages to eReminders.

    8/29/11 V.10

    Added ability to add a new procedure code to all additional fee schedules.

    6/1/11 V.10

    Added eReminders. This is a service that will automatically send emails, SMS Text messages and automated voice calls to remind patients of upcoming appointments. To see a movie explanation, click here.

    Or, click the HowDoI menu and select "Enable eReminders"

    5/9/11 V.10

    Added linking PDF's to patients. Under Images tab, Show PDF button.
    Added Spell Checking to LetterWriter (under Reports/LetterWriter) and Signature Documents(under Windows/Signature Documents).

    4/28/11 V.10

    Added greying out appointments after CheckOut. (Can be turned off under Edit/Preferences)

    3/18/11 V.10

    Added ability to exclude accounts in collection on aged receivables report.

    2/10/11 V.10

    Added ability to expand images or show as fixed size (under Images Tab).

    1/18/11 V.10

    Added scroll bars to images (under Images Tab).

    11/25/10 V.10

    Added ability to enter any description to Appointment Book preblocking.

    10/5/10 V.10

    Added Employer/School field on Pt. Info window.

    Added Cell Phone to Routing Slips.

    9/27/10 V.10

    Added postcard option on Birthday Report. Under Reports menu.

    9/7/10 V.10

    Added ability to automatically downgrade the insurance portion of posterior composites to an amalgam. Check the box on the Ins1 window for any plan that utilizes this. It will only be active for the plans selected.

    9/1/10 V.10

    Added Auto Code for fillings on CheckOut. Now the code will automatically be adjusted based on the number of surfaces and anterior/posterior tooth number.

    8/20/10 V.10

    Added Lab Case tracking checkbox when making appointments from the procedure list.

    8/10/10 V.10

    Modified recall postcards so only one card will print per family.

    7/20/10 V.10

    Added ability to put cell phone numbers on appointments.

    7/7/10 V.10

    Added ability to purge paid claims more than one year old. Under File menu.

    6/24/10 V.10

    Added Employee Time Clock. 

    6/14/10 V.10

    Added ability to place Rx note automatically in Clinical Notes. The preference must be set under Edit/Preferences.

    6/9/10 V.10

    Added center feed print for envelopes. The preference must be set under Edit/Preferences.