• Do you want to access your ACE Dental Software from your iPhone, Droid or any browser? Well, now you can! Dental Software | iPhone ACE

     Is ACE Dental a web-based dental software program?

    ACE has a web-based version of the program. It was developed for practices with multiple locations where data needs to accessed from anywhere. We do not recommend web-based software for a single office situation.

    Web-based dental software performs much more slowly than local data. When the office is very busy, waiting on a browser based system can be very frustrating to the staff. In addition, web-based software is more expensive over time.

    Are there advantages to web-based software? Sure. Like being able to access your data from any browser. However, did you realize that you can do that now with the ACE Dental Software program on a local network? You simply install a free program called TeamViewer. (There is a paid version available that offers additional functionality). Once this is installed on your office PC, you will be able to access ACE on your PC from any browser in the world. This gives you the advantages of browser-based software without the disadvantage of the slowness. The reason you don't get the slowness is because the program is executing on your office PC at its normal speed. Only the images of your screen are transmitted across the Internet.

    In addition, they have an app so you can access your office computer from any iPhone

    or iPad 

    or Droid phone.

    (We want to thank Dr. Jeff Melhus for being one of the doctors who suggested the LogMeIn Ignition program.)