• Many dental practices are avoiding the use of electronic claims (e-claims). The word "electronic" scares them. They think it would be too complicated. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

    With only one or two mouse clicks, a whole days worth of claims can be sent. And, within seconds, a report will show if any claims are rejected and why. Those claims can be fixed immediately and resent. Attachments can also be sent electronically. The software makes it easy to track claims through to payment. As an added benefit, dental software allows a practice to check patient eligibility online.

    The two biggest advantages of this service is efficiency of staff time and faster reimbursement. Most e-claims are paid in 7 days. Since the claim is settled faster, the patient balance can be resolved sooner. 

    Not only is the patient happier, the accounts receivables are lower. This means fewer write-offs and better profitability.

    In summary, the practice saves money on paper, printing, envelopes and postage. The staff is freed to do more productive and profitable tasks, like recalling overdue patients and spend quality time to interact with your patients. The patients are happier. Quick resolution means less write-offs and more profit.