• Auto Clinical Notes

    Clinical notes can be entered manually or with time-saving shortcuts or automatically tagged from the procedure codes.

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    Shortcuts save a great deal of time when entering repetitive notes. For example, in the screen below, by simply typing "Endo1" in the notes field and typing the spacebar, the note field will be filled with the following:


    "Xylo-red-1, Tooth had rct in the standard way.  A dam, EDTA, lubricant, NaOHCl, paper points, lidocaine, gutta purcha, and cement were used.  After access, working length was determined with a new sono and xray mesurements.  It was rechecked and tooth was instrumented to #30 at apex.  When the tooth was clean and dry, it was filled with gutta purcha and cement in a warm downpack.  Risks, benefits and alternatives were discussed as well as a crown and post and their medical legal implications. Length:"


    These notes can be modified after entry.



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