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Use 10 minutes intervals when scheduling appointments

Posted by John Hastings on Tue, Aug 31, 2010 @ 10:08 AM

Would you like to work an extra week and a half every year and not get paid for it? That's essentially what many practices are doing today because they continue to schedule appointments using 15 minute intervals.

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By using 10 minute intervals, we can schedule much more accurately. Many procedure require 20 minutes or 40 minutes, for example. Using 15 minute intervals means we don't schedule enough time if we use 1 or 2 units respectively (15 or 30 minutes). Or, more likely, we're wasting time if we schedule using 2 and 3 units (30 and 45 minutes) for these types of appointments. 

Ten-minute units will now offer greater flexibility and result in increased productivity. Studies have shown that the average practice can schedule up to a week and half more appointments simply by switching from 15 to 10 minute intervals.

As a side benefit, the studies have shown patients will arrive more promptly when given a 9:10 appointment as opposed to a 9:00 appointment. It shows the practice is striving for greater efficiency and is also more respectful of the patient's time.

Most dental software programs today allow you to setup your practice to use 10 minute intervals for increased efficiency.

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